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Past News

Latest Draft of Letter for NCISM
Guidelines for Forthcoming NIMA Day Celebration
Urgent Letter To NITI Aayog
Draft of the Letter for NCISM
Copy of NCISM Bill 2017
NIMA CC Elections 2017-19 Final Candidates List after Withdrawal
NIMA CC Election Program (2017-2019)
Voter's List (Election for 2017-19)
Valid/Invalid Forms (Elections 2017-19)
Valid Forms (Election 2015-17
Invalid Forms (Election 2015-17)
Notification For Haryana State Elections
Notification For UP State Elections
Joint Secretary NIMA CC Dr Mandar Ranade giving memorandum to Union Health Minister Sh. Gulam Nabi Azaad
Secretary General Report 2011-2013
Newly Elected Team 2013-2015
Treasurer Report 2011-2013
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