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Objectives NIMA CC

        The National Intregrated Medical Associated was established at Delhi on 14 th April 1948. NIMA was established to protect the rights of ISM graduates. Another important aim of the Association was to achieve the status for Intregrated Medicine as the National Medicine of India by creating and consolidating public opinion in favour of Intregrated Medicine. What has the Association achieved so far? The first 20 years were spent in spreading the organization in different parts of the country and to solve local problems of practitioners. IT was at the time of discussion of IMHCC Bill 1968 in the Parliament that the movement got consolidated. For amendments in the Bill the NIMA prepared a detailed Memorandum and undertook a campaign to meet 400 MPs at Delhi explaining to them the necessity of amending the Bill. The Association representatives appeared before the Joint Select Committee of Parliament and advocated the cause of Intregrated Medicine and its graduates. As a result of these efforts a number of MPs from all political parties supported the demands of NIMA and some important amendments were adopted while on some amendments the Hon. Health Minister Shri K. K. shah assured that they will be done ‘under Rule-making Power’. It was revealed later that separate schedule for Intregrated practitioners and clear safeguard of right to practice modern medicine cannot be done under Rule-making Power. The Minister had deceived his own colleagues by that assurance. If these amendments were adopted in 1969-70 Intregrated graduates would have enjoyed better status and privileges for ever.

        The tweleve-year long struggle in Supreme Court lead by NIMA for safeguarding the rights of Intregrated medical practitioners is another creditable achievements for NIMA. The NIMA has also succeeded in getting the Status Acts in Delhi, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Punjab, MP etc.amended to uphold the dignity and rights of intregrated practitioners. It must also be remembered that Drug Rule 2 (ee) (iii) under which ISM Practitioners are permitted by State Govts. to pratice Modern. Medicine was in corporated because of the efforts of NIMA.

The NIMA has continually strived to get status for integrated graduates in State Govt. and Municipal Medical Services. It appeared and argued before Pay Commisions to get better scales for intregrated graduates. It organized teachers Associations in ISM Colleges and fought for rise in their pay-scales. So, whether an intregrated graduate is in practise or in service or in teaching, NIMA has held its umbrella for all of them and protected them.

Unfortunately the general practitioners, who are the mainstay of NIMA, get organized only when there is a calamity and get disorganized as soon as it is over. Hence its is forgotten that the aim of the Association is to established Intregrated Medicine as the National Medicine of India. The whole world is turning towards Ayurved and holistic medicine. In USA popular, so also in UK, Hungry, Russia, Germany, Italy, Argentina, Australia and South Africa etc. China has successfully implemented the programme of Intregrated Medicine. Our Health Minister supports Intregrated Medicine and is keen to introduce Ayurvedic subjects in the curriculum of Modern Medical Colleges. The NIMA has to take lead now and make every efforts to establish Intregrated Medicine as the National Medicine of India.

This is the most opportune time for NIMA to get rejuvenated and invigorated for fulfilling its aims and objects. What should be this rejuvenation programme?

  1. Get stronger – with 100% enrollment of members. Every member should enroll at least 2 new life members. Every member should be a regular subscriber of JNIMA by paying at least Rs. 500/- for 5 years’ subscription.
  2. Make NIMA Students Forums in all ISM Colleges stronger.
  3. Hold one-day workshops at Taluka level educating every member and worker about the aims and objects of NIMA, legal rights of Intregrated graduates, importance of medico social projects etc.
  4. Increasing personal contacts with the media and representative of people – the MLA, MP etc. and acquainting them with the importance of Intregrated Medicine and the amendments needed in the state and IMCC Act for proper protection of Intrgrated graduates.
  5. Writing regular articled in newspapers and periodicals on importance of Integrated medicine and way to achieve it.

Let us fulfill this minimum programme as early as possible to make it stronger to
protect you better and for better healthcare of common man in India.
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